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Calendar table in Stift Rein

Stift Rein: Cistercian monastery in the north of Graz


Calendar table: A big stone calendar table, created by Andreas Pleninger in 1607, gives both the Julian and the Gregorian data together with astronomical and religious information.


In the centre there is

  • an armillary sphere
  • coloured pictures of the gods of the day
  • information on sunrise the length of the day
  • pictures of the zodiac
  • work of the month followed by the lenght of the months.

Going from the centre outwars there is an eternal calendar for the 365 days of the year with information on

  • rise or decline of special stars
  • letter of the day
  • saints of the day

Outside of the holes there are both the Julian and Gregorian calendar for the years 1600 to 1800 with all major Christian holidays like

  • Dominical letters and golden number or epact number
  • dates for the New Year, Epiphany, Septuagesima, Pentecost, etc,


Picture: Foto Wunderer


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